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A strong agriculture and ranching heritage with rich natural resources, coupled with Weiser’s recognized progressive spirit, make it a truly unique business environment where business can thrive. As demonstrated by the downtown revitalization, new parks, and a beautiful events center, Weiser is willing to make the investments necessary to sustain a healthy and unique business environment. Local industries include forest products, technical innovations, agriculture, manufacturing, and food processing. Washington County is also part of the largest onion growing area in the United States.


A healthy local government is critical to a healthy business environment and Weiser doesn’t disappoint. Weiser is ranked 2nd in the state for the lowest tax assessments on city residents and operates consistently on a balanced budget. This is a testament to the dedication of city and county leaders who work proactively to support infrastructure projects. This provides reliable resources for businesses while not putting undue burden on its citizens.


Collaboration between the city and county can be seen in mutual support by fire, police, EMS, and airport management. This team approach brings together resources and provides cost savings to taxpayers.

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